Keep your schedule full and save time with Holly

Holly is an AI virtual assistant who manages healthcare appointments

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Over 100K patients have engaged with Holly

What our customers say

Irene G. Olhovich MD

Both my patients and my staff are very enthusiastic about Holly

Anna Baker

I even use Holly for my personal appointments

Irene Botas MD

Holly has simplified and standardized our appointment management process

Meet Holly

For using Nimblr just create appointments as usual

My mission is to streamline your front desk tasks.

I chat with your patients via SMS text to confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments.
I also recall patients who didn't show up.

Everything I do is seamless

The conversations I have with your patients update in your calendar or EHR by magic.

I can help you streamline your business

So ask yourself: how could you improve your practice if follow up calls were out of the picture? Find it out. Try me today!

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Why Holly?

Keep your schedule full

Reactivate lost patients, and get your patients to return regularly with timely conversations via SMS text.

Improve your practice's productivity

Forget about tedious phone calls and follows ups! Holly automates much of the time-consuming work, reducing your staffing costs and letting you reassign your team members' time to higher value activities.

Enhance patient experience

People prefer texting to phone calls. Holly improves patient relationships by making communication simple, in natural language.

Which practices use Holly?

Medical Practices

Dentists & Orthodontists





Physical Therapists

Health coaches

How does it work?


Sign up and give Holly access to your existing calendar or EHR.


Every day Holly checks your appointments and starts conversations with your patients via text.


Confirmations, cancellations and new rescheduled appointments will automatically appear in your calendar.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Join the era of conversational services!

Have you noticed no one answers the phone anymore? 79% of patients prefer texting to phone calls.
People are also growing suspicious of calls from unknown numbers.