Holly Nimblr

Maximize revenue by improving your patient relationships

Meet Holly: a multilingual AI assistant that automates patient communication and scheduling in sync with your EHR.

Holly by Nimblr

Healthcare companies earn more money with Holly

Increase patient attendance
Save 250 phone hours monthly*
Automate 70% of front-desk communication

Holly handles patient and practice schedules independently

  • Confirm, Cancel, Reschedule and auto-fill cancelled appointments without any human interaction via 2 way AI texting.

Holly makes appointment-setting magic.

  • Two click set up, 30 minute implementation, seamless integration with your EHR.

*per 10 providers

Add up to $135,000 in new revenue for every ten providers

What our customers say about us

“Holly has transformed our communication with patients. We are a very high volume practice and Holly has streamlined about 70% of our operations. Over the last year, our no-show rate has reduced by 56%.”
Cameron Vance, COO
“One thing Holly has helped me do is reduce my no-show rate by almost 72%. Holly is literally like another front-desk assistant. She helps my staff to complete repetitive tasks with much less administrative time”
Dr. Vaidya, Opthamologist
“Holly has greatly improved our staff efficiency. Our phone lines are noticeably lighter, and patients are happy they can access us at any time by texting Holly.”
Shade Palencia, Practice Administrator.

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Appointment Lifecycle: Holly’s workflow management

Appointment booking

  • Immediate calendar invitation message.
  • Invitation to join waitlist.

Confirmations and cancellations

  • Cancellation policy adherence.
  • Lost patient feedback.

Automatic rescheduling

  • Office cancellations.
  • Patient cancellations.
  • Rescheduling strategies.

No-show recovery

  • Automatic patient rescheduling.


  • Auto-fill cancellations + open slots.

Patient Services

  • Direct messaging.
  • Customizable scripts.
  • Service/marketing messages.
  • Instructions per treatment type.
  • Multilingual chat capability.
  • Phone call option.

Amazon Alexa, meet Holly

The new way to set up healthcare appointments


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