Increase practice revenue. Increase office efficiency. Keep patients happy.

Eliminate no-shows. Mitigate cancellations. And give your patients an easier way to reschedule their appointments, with Holly.

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The new way to set up healthcare appointments


What doctors say about Holly

Our patients love Holly. The ability for them to confirm, cancel or reschedule via texting in friendly, natural language is very convenient. Her appointment followup are very easy and helpful for them and my staff.
One thing Holly has helped me do is reduce my no-show rate by almost 72%. Holly is literally like another front-desk assistant. She helps my staff to complete repetitive tasks with much less administrative time.
We are effortlessly confirming and rescheduling patients with Holly. My staff is saving hours and hours on the phones each day, and we are confirming almost double the amount of appointments than before Holly.

Meet Holly

For using Nimblr just create appointments as usual

Holly handles your patient schedules so your front desk doesn’t need to.

Confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments with no headaches and no mistakes via real-time, 2-way texting.

Holly makes appointment-setting magic.

When patients cancel, confirm, or modify an appointment, updates are made instantly to your EHR and your calendar, and a full-transcript of Holly’s conversation is added to your appointment notes.

Holly helps medical practices earn more money.

No more follow-up calls. No more missed appointments. No more last-minute cancelations. Try Holly FREE!

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How Holly can improve your practice

A full schedule means more profits for your practice

Holly reminds your patients about their upcoming appointments, and allows them to reschedule with ease so they don’t simply cancel.

Cut costs and improve the patient experience

Skip the phone calls and the follow-ups—Holly handles all the hassle of scheduling and rescheduling so your staff doesn’t have to.

Make life easier for your patients and your staff

Holly speaks in simple, easy-to-understand language that patients love.

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How does Holly work?


Sign up and let Holly access your calendar and EHR.


Holly will automatically check your calendar, and talk to patients via text about their upcoming appointments.


All modifications to existing appointments—including confirmations, cancelations, and re-bookings—are automatically registered to your calendar.

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